About Us


WATER CARE TECHNOLOGIES LLC is United Arab Emirates based manufacturer and distributor of water purification and water filtration processes systems, located in Dubai. We specialize in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology and the design of various advanced water filtration systems. We are dedicated to encompass state of the art water processing technology to serve the wide range applications of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Water purification.

Our broad product range includes Reverse Osmosis Systems, Numerous Water Filtration Systems, UV Water filtration systems, UV sterilizer, Water Softeners, Fine Sediment removal, fine media and specialty Cartridges, many other replacement products and accessories. We provide quality and timely services to our honorary customers and consumers.

Why choose our water filtrations systems?

  • The system production is min 3 gallons per hour
  • It provides more pure water than bottled water
  • Our system is 100% automatic. You don’t even have to touch it
  • Our price includes maintenance contract for 1 year, which is inclusive of service, filter replacements and any type of complaints will be attended within 24 hours. We perform the required filter changes every four months and our annual maintenance service is inclusive of one free sifting.